1. On schedule and on budget

    BMW Financial Services Testimonial General Manager, Application Development Group, BMW FS "We knew that taking our business critical systems through such a huge transformation would be challenging. We needed an approach that not only minimized cost and ensured quality but would insulate our business…Read More

    Jeff Haskett
  2. Without the help of his team, this project would not have been possible for us.

    ADP Dealer Services Testimonial "Thanks to Mark and his team from Great Migrations, our migration project is off to a flying start. His team's initial migrations were more than I expected. Our over 200,000 lines of asp code have been translated and compile. Without the help of his team, this project…Read More

    John Asermely
  3. Advanced optimization techniques

    Sky Computer, Inc. Testimonial "Sky Computers, Inc. has long experience with the Promula FORTRAN to C Translator. We selected Promula to become part of our language tools in 1990 and haven't had a reason to regret it." "Sky Computers is in the business of making high-performance floating point compu…Read More

    Leo Mirkin, Manager, Languages & Tools, Sky Computers, Inc
  4. Quickly, and cost-effectively.

    Bonneville Power Administration Testimonial "We have used the Promula Application Development System and the Promula FORTRAN Translator to port the BPA Rate Analysis Model (RAM) from an IBM mainframe to the desktop on a PC running under OS/2. RAM was a large-scale, data intensive model that consiste…Read More

    Ralph Erdmann, PMLA, Bonneville Power Administration
  5. I am glad I can use Promula

    Systematic Solutions, Inc Testimonial The Promula software has been the cornerstone of my simulation modeling for nearly 20 years. I have not found the capabilities, ease of use, or reliability of Promula in any other software package. I was introduced to Promula in 1979 (it was then called NUCLEUS)…Read More

    Jeff Amlin, President, Systematic Solutions, Inc
  6. We anticipate further significant reductions in data management costs

    State of Utah Testimonial The last twenty-five of my thirty-five years experience with computers has been devoted to modeling and other analytical applications in both the public and private sectors. Private sector applications include estimation, quality control, and large scale corporate forecast …Read More

    T. Ross Reeve, Research Consultant, State of Utah
  7. Promula is easily 500 million years ahead of the primitive competition

    Sandia National Laboratories Testimonial I have worked with Promula and many other simulation languages/platforms for nearly two decades and have found Promula to be the only tool that can make my large-scale, large database simulations manageable, let alone doable. Promula is the application develo…Read More

    George Backus, Dr. Engr., Sandia National Laboratories
  8. I would recommend Promula to anyone

    Central Maine Power Co. Testimonial We use Promula as both a database manager and a programming language. As a result, we've been able to successfully run very large applications on our PCs and manipulate massive databases with relative ease. I would recommend Promula to anyone who wants to manage l…Read More

    John Davulis, Manager, Economic & Load Forecasting, CMPC
  9. Highly Recommended

    NEPLAN Manager Testimonial Since the early 1980's, the Economic and Load Forecasting section at NEPLAN has utilized Promula in both a VAX and PC environment for constructing and performing analyses of socio-economic, weather, energy consumption, and other types of databases. During this time, analys…Read More

    Don Bourcier, Manager, Economic & Load Forecasting, NEPLAN
  10. Our primary applications development tool

    NEPLAN Scientist Testimonial Over the past ten years, we have been using Promula here at NEPLAN as our primary applications development tool for developing applications in energy forecasting for the six New England states and in other related data management and data analysis areas, such as load res…Read More

    Bruce Urbschat, Principal Scientist, NEPLAN