We provide the products, services, and expertise to help clients meet each unique software challenge and need. Our purpose is to provide our clients with migration tool technical services and software tools aimed at the following ends:

  • Conversion of VB6 and ASP applications to .NET via translation to C# or to VB.NET
  • Conversion of FORTRAN applications to (a portable subset of) the C language
  • Production of tailored translation tools for nonstandard languages and special portation needs


We believe that our systems migration and data conversion work must be of the highest quality and consistent with time and budget goals. To achieve our goals, we subscribe to the following principles:

  • Simple, integrated project management procedures
  • Experienced staff with specific systems migration technical skills and dedication to quality
  • Efficiency and responsibility
  • Performance on the job and the timely delivery of promised results explains our long and respected track record.


We knew that taking our business critical systems through such a huge transformation would be challenging. We needed an approach that not only minimized cost and ensured quality but would insulate our business from disruption…

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Our answer will surprise you.
Many migration teams that we talk to believe that it is not possible for a translation tool to produce useful output. However, after talking with us and seeing what our technology can do, they change their minds.

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